Liposuction Before and After Pictures in Charleston, SC

*Liposuction Case 1

*Liposuction Case 2

*Liposuction Case 3

*Liposuction Case 4

*Liposuction Case 5

*Liposuction Case 6

*Chin Liposuction Case 7

*Liposuction Case 8

*Liposuction Case 9

*Liposuction Case 10

*Liposuction Case 11

*Chin Liposuction Case 12

*Liposuction Case 13

*Liposuction Case 14

*Neck Liposuction Case 15

This patient had smart liposuction of the chin/neck.


*Disclaimer: There’s no guarantee of specific results and they can vary by individual.