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Should I choose 375cc or 400cc implants for breast augmentation?

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Most women considering breast enhancement surgery want a clear picture of what they will look like after surgery. Some of our Charleston, SC patients worry they are considering implants that are too large, or too small. Before and after photo galleries of other patients can help, but may not give you the full picture. As a rule of thumb, the most common implant sizes, whether silicone or saline, are 350-450ccs. But size is just one part of the equation. There are shape choices (anatomical or round) based on frame size,  body type, chest wall dimension and more to take into consideration. Your own personal preferences and desired outcome are a big part of the equation, but consider that women who have a larger chest wall dimension and wider base dimension to their natural breasts are oftenwell matched with a Moderate Profile style implant (a.k.a. “teardrop” or “naturally shaped” implant). Women who are more petite to begin with will tend to look best with a higher profile implant (narrowest base, most projection). At Port City Plastic Surgery, we believe our MENTOR® Volume Sizing System provides the most accurate “after” representation available on the market today. Our satisfied patients say that far and away, our sizing system from MENTOR has allowed them to most accurately approximate their “after” picture – and they can use it quickly, simply and easily in the privacy of our offices. Our silicone sizing system is a custom-fit to your unique body size and shape, allows you to approximate the effects of gravity, and can even give you a look at how you might appear in your favorite shirts or a new bra. This innovative, clever and complete system allows you to simulate 24 different post-surgery breast volumes (from 150cc-775cc) in the privacy of our offices! Anatomic breast implants, also called teardrop-shaped breast implants, have more volume along the lower portion. Round breast implants have a uniform volume, and more projection. Due to the effects of gravity, round implants will naturally have slightly more volume along the lower portion. But round breast implants have the advantage that if they rotate post-surgery, they will maintain the same overall “look”. The term “profile” or “projection” of the implant refers to the view of the implant from the side. In other words, how far off the chest will the implants be. Breast implant manufacturers are now making breast implants with a variety of projections. For any given breast implant width, a higher profile is often available giving the implant more the projection. Of course, no visualization technique can fully predict your final result. At Port City Plastic Surgery, I evaluate each patient’s body type and frame size to help inform the best possible outcome. Call me today to set up your consult, and ask to use our MENTOR® Volume Sizing System to help you visualize your results. You’ll be glad you did!

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