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*Breast Augmentation Q&A With a Patient: Michelle

Breast Augmentation in Charleston, SC

When active, fit 51 year old mother of three Michelle came to us for breast augmentation, her positivity and great communication about what she wanted were the keys to her success. It was our privilege to help her look her best! Read our interview with her below to learn more about her procedure, transformation and words of wisdom for others considering breast augmentation surgery.

PCPS: When did you first start considering a procedure?

Michelle: I first started considering having breast augmentation surgery about three years ago. I have three adult children; my youngest is now 26 years old and my new love is my 2 year old grandson. I worked really hard to lose 30 pounds and I feel great, but my chest didn’t match. I set a goal for myself to have the surgery by my 50th birthday – at fifty, it’s time for me!

PCPS: How did you do your research? Did you weigh any alternatives?

Michelle: I started out by talking to people I knew who had breast implants. Then I began reading online about my options: silicone versus saline, and whether I should have the surgery over the muscle or under muscle. I work for Pivotal Fitness and I’m a licensed realtor. I didn’t want my surgery to get in the way of anything I love to do: running 5Ks, deep sea fishing, working out and all kinds of sports. I even had consultations with two plastic surgeons, but I never went through with actually having the surgery.

Then my son started dating a young lady. You could say my son and I have an interesting relationship; it’s almost like we’re friends now, rather than the typical mother-son relationship. He’s very open with me! One day when his girlfriend was over, they were both sitting on the couch and he asked me,

“Mom, what do you think about those?”

He was talking about her breasts. She’d just gotten implants about a year before that. They knew I wanted to have the surgery, so they went on to explain that her aunt and some others had also gone to Dr. Widenhouse. She looked fantastic and I hadn’t even noticed; they were so natural-looking. After that I was able to talk to and get feedback from real people who’d had breast augmentation surgery by Dr. Widenhouse at Port City Plastic Surgery. I scheduled my consult.

PCPS: How was the procedure itself? How was recovery and the attention/follow-up from the doctor and staff?

Michelle: The atmosphere at Port City Plastic surgery is so nice, and so are the people. During my consult, Dr. Widenhouse spent more time with me than the other two doctors combined! I explained that I wanted something in proportion with my body, natural-looking breast implants, nothing big.

On the day of my surgery I was so excited, I couldn’t get to Port City soon enough. When I got home, a friend of mine was at the house to take care of me. I took my pain meds on schedule because I really did want to heal well. It’s hard to keep yourself from “doing too much” at first. Some of the women I spoke with said it takes six months to heal and settle, but today at the two month mark I feel and look great. Two days after the surgery when they unbandaged me I already looked beautiful! No one can tell I had breast augmentation surgery because they are so natural-looking, but I get so many compliments.

PCPS: How was your experience with our staff? Was there any staff member who really shined?

Michelle: When I walked into the office for my consult, everyone was so upbeat and friendly. It wasn’t an uptight or snobby environment, just the opposite. Everyone was so down-to-earth and positive. I felt welcome, and they took the time to talk to me. I had my initial consult at the Daniel Island office, then had procedure done in Charleston. I actually got a little turned around the first time I drove to the office, and one of the women came outside, found me on the street and helped me park! April the Physician’s Assistant was really great. She really took the time to educate and instruct me.

PCPS: Is there any advice you would give others considering breast augmentation?

Michelle: Yes, absolutely do your research, and do what’s right for you in terms of procedure and type of implant. Be an educated consumer, and talk to your doctor about what’s right for you. I love to work out and I didn’t want anything to interfere with doing pull ups and pushups, so I told the doctor about my lifestyle and we ended up choosing an over-the-muscle implant. Stick to what your doctor tells you in terms of limiting exercise immediately after the surgery so you heal well. Above all, make sure you’re having the surgery for yourself and not for anybody else. I would recommend Dr. Widenhouse to anyone considering breast augmentation surgery.

PCPS: What was the best thing about the surgery experience?

Michelle: The staff at Port City Plastic Surgery were fantastic, and I felt very cared for. Every time I talked with Dr. Widenhouse or April, they took the time to talk to me and answer all of my questions. When I tell people about my surgery, they are impressed at my natural-looking result, but my breast enhancement isn’t noticeable to the rest of world. I’d definitely do it again!

The staff at Port City Plastic Surgery is ready to assist you! Dr. Widenhouse will work with you to evaluate your body type and breast enhancement surgery goals to help you create the look you want. His years of experience with the art and science of breast augmentation surgery – plus his hundreds of happy patients – inform his ability to help you make the best choice. If you are considering natural-looking breast implants, Contact Us today to schedule your consultation.

March 22, 2017