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*Q&A with a Patient: Chris Henderson, CoolSculpting

Q&A with a Patient: Chris Henderson, CoolSculpting
March 22, 2017

Nationally ranked tennis player and co-founder of the Charleston Professional Tennis League Chris Henderson from Tampa Florida, had CoolSculpting with Port City Plastic Surgery this year. Read our interview with him to learn about how he chose Dr. Widenhouse, and how he feels about his results!

PCPS: When did you first start considering a procedure? Were you considering alternative procedures?

Chris: I had heard about CoolSculpting via word-of-mouth and through different websites. I play professional tennis and at 42 years old, I have some stubborn areas that were unresponsive to exercise and diet. I was only interested in non-invasive alternatives, and I had been looking into how CoolSculpting could help me for about a month. I was doing my due dilligence. I chose Dr. Widenhouse because of his reputation, his training and his incredible staff.

PCPS: Did you have specific goals in mind?

Chris: I wanted to treat my two problem areas: one was abdominal, the other was what people call “love handles.” When I first met with Dr. Widenhouse, we reviewed the clinical data. He was really honest about what my expectations should be up front. He said there was no downtime, but that results wouldn’t be instantaneous. I would be able to see a gradual improvement in the weeks and months following the CoolSculpting procedure. I live in Tampa so I flew in for treatment, and had two different sessions.

PCPS: How do you feel about the procedure now, after some time has passed?

Chris: The staff was great, the CoolSculpting system and procedure was great, and my experience in the office was impeccable. During the procedure, I lost suction on one side of my body for the love handles. I had to wait and recover before I had the other side treated. It was unintentional, but what really made me a believer in CoolSculpting was that after that first session, I was able to compare my results: a treated side to an untreated side. I was blown away by the difference; after a few months, it was very noticeable! Now that I’ve had both sides done, I am extremely happy and my results have been sustainable. During the procedure itself, I had no pain and no discomfort, since cooling is a natural anesthetic. I was able to drive and get back to regular activity immediately. I didn’t have time to take off work.

PCPS: Was there any staff member who really shined?

Chris: Athena is the one I worked with most, she was incredible and very knowledgeable. She called to follow up and ask how I was doing. Since Dr. Widenhouse set expectations at the beginning and my procedure and recovery mirrored those expectations, I didn’t really have any questions. No stone was left unturned.

PCPS: Is there any advice you would give others considering CoolSculpting?

Chris: I would tell them to go for it. As long as they are identified by their physician as a good candidate, it’s a guaranteed result and they won’t be disappointed.

PCPS: What was the best thing about CoolSculpting?

Chris: The fact that we now have a non-invasive, non-surgical outpatient alternative to help with problem areas is incredible. I was in and out in about one hour! If liposuction or other surgeries were my only option, I probably would have passed on having anything done. CoolSculpting has been through clinical trials and has documented results. Now, I’ve been able to see results firsthand! I would recommend CoolSculpting with Dr. Widenhouse at Port City Plastic Surgery to anyone.