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*Q&A with a Patient: Jacqueline Windham, Plastic Surgery Post-Weight Loss

Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC

After losing a considerable amount of weight through gastric bypass surgery, Jacqueline came to us to help with some problem areas. Read on for an interview and to learn more about her transformation. It was our privilege to be part of the journey!

PCPS: When did you first start considering a procedure? Were you considering alternative procedures?

Jacqueline: After gastric bypass and losing a considerable amount of weight, I did everything I could on my own but still had some areas I needed to change. My primary care physician had rave reviews for Dr. Widenhouse, so I went with his recommendation. He had all the credentials I was looking for in a plastic surgeon and with a vote of confidence from my doctor, I went ahead and scheduled a consultation.

PCPS: Did you have specific goals in mind?

Jacqueline: Most people don’t know this, but it was actually physically and emotionally painful to have the loose, excess skin that remains after losing a considerable amount of weight. You’ve put all of this effort in and the scale says you’ve achieved something, but your clothes still don’t fit quite right. You don’t really see yourself as the new person you’ve become until you have the body that fits your perception. It was the final part of my journey, and needed to happen.

PCPS: How was the attention/follow-up from the doctor and staff after surgery?

Jacqueline: It was amazing. Athena was really on top of her game. When things happened during recovery and I didn’t know what to do, she got me in to see the doctor as soon as possible. She never made light of my concerns, or thought I was overreacting about anything no matter how small. Dr. Widenhouse has a great bedside manner and you can tell he really cares.

PCPS: Was there any staff member who really shined?

Jacqueline: Peggy. I didn’t even think I would be able to have the surgery, but she was able to work her magic and use my past history so that insurance would cover part of the costs of plastic surgery. We went through everything the proper way and she made sure it was the right thing for me.

PCPS: Since this was a surgery related to weight loss, we would love to know what you do to maintain your results.

Jacqueline: Coming from someone who worked very hard and tried so many different things, I can say it’s a choice and a complete lifestyle change. “Not eating” or starving yourself will not fix the problem. After gastric bypass surgery, I followed my doctor’s orders to the tee, down to his instructions about what I was supposed to eat every three hours. Four to five years after my surgery, I still follow many of these “rules” to maintain my results. Also, you have to be in constant motion if you really want to lose the weight and keep it off. At first, I saw exercise as my job. Today, I enjoy it. It helps that I’ve found Zumba, which I really love, and a great personal trainer.

PCPS: Is there any advice you would give others considering starting a weight loss journey?

Jacqueline: Make sure it is a decision you are ready to make, that you can stick with it.

PCPS: What was the best thing about the surgery?

Jacqueline: At this point, six months out from the plastic surgery, hands down the best part is I feel better physically and emotionally. Today, I am able to see my accomplishment clearly in the mirror, and myself as the size I am now.

March 22, 2017