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Acne Treatments in Charleston, SC

While it is less common, adults suffer from acne breakouts just like teens do. At Port City Plastic Surgery, Dr. Brian G. Widenhouse treats acne on teens and adults living in Charleston, Daniel Island, Summerville and Mount Pleasant, SC, as well as the surrounding areas, to minimize the appearance of breakouts and deal with the anxiety and embarrassment associated with the breakouts.

What is Acne?

Acne (pimples) is the result when the sebaceous glands produce excess oil and cause the openings of pores to become clogged. When this happens, the openings become inflamed, red and swollen. As the infection in the pore gets worse, a white pustule often develops on top of the pimples. While this condition is more prevalent with teens, adults often deal with the self-consciousness of acne scars that result from untreated acne.

How Much Does Acne Treatment Cost?

The cost of acne treatment is based on the condition being treated and the treatment method used. Medications are often covered by insurance if they are considered medically necessary. Treatment for acne scar removal depends on the degree of scarring to be treated and how many treatments are needed to achieve the desired look. We can discuss the costs during your consultation including payment and financing options.

What Is Acne Treatment?

Acne treatments are used to clean the skin by penetrating the pores to remove dirt and bacteria lessening the occurrence of pimples. Most often, topical solutions and ointments are recommended as an effective acne treatment, but other treatments include oral medications and laser therapy. Additionally, laser therapy including laser skin resurfacing is effective at acne scar removal.

Acne Scar Removal
Not only do acne treatments reduce the appearance of acne, acne scar removal may significantly diminish these skin imperfections. Using laser skin resurfacing, the appearance of the deep, red skin imperfections is much less noticeable and may even be removed.

Benefits of Acne Treatment

Professional acne treatment not only controls breakouts but offers effective treatment for acne scar removal. These treatments offer the following benefits:

  • Reduce the severity of breakouts
  • Prevent acne scarring
  • Restores a smooth complexion
  • Little to no downtime following treatments

How Do I Prepare for Acne Treatment?

The preparation for acne treatment depends on the recommended treatment. Topical and oral medications are usually prescribed by Dr. Widenhouse. For acne scar removal with laser therapy, the treatments are performed in the office. To prepare for laser treatments, we recommend that you avoid direct sun exposure and stop taking any blood-thinning medications that may cause excessive sweating during and immediately after treatments. Additionally, we provide you with serums and moisturizers to prep your skin for the acne scar removal treatments.

What Should I Expect the Day of Acne Treatment?

When laser therapy is used for treatment or acne scar removal, the treatments use laser energy to target the affected areas and remove the damaged skin. It also boosts new skin growth and increases collagen production to add volume especially where acne scars cause deep indentations in the skin. With laser therapy, the damaged skin is treated while leaving the healthy tissue intact.

What to Expect After Acne Treatment

With acne scar removal or acne treatment using laser therapy, there is often some redness following treatments which takes several days to subside. As this takes place, there is slight flaking or peeling in the area treated. Once the healing is completed, the skin begins to look smooth and bright.

When Should I Expect to See the Results from Acne Treatment?

The results depend on the treatment used and the purpose of acne treatment. With oral and topical medications, the results are gradual, taking into account clearing up the existing acne as well as preventing the degree of future breakouts. If the medications are stopped the acne can return.

As for acne scar removal, the results of laser treatments are somewhat visible immediately following the treatments. About a week following the laser treatments, more noticeable results surface as the redness diminishes and the flaking stops. The results of laser therapy for acne scar removal are long-lasting.

At Port City Plastic Surgery, Dr. Brian G. Widenhouse, a board-certified plastic surgeon, offers laser therapy for acne scar removal for people living in and around Charleston, Daniel Island, Summerville and Mount Pleasant, SC, as well as the surrounding areas, to rejuvenate and create a smoother, fresher complexion or eliminate skin imperfections. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation!


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