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Male Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC

More and more men are deciding to have plastic surgery, but not every surgeon has the unique qualifications to perform cosmetic procedures on men. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Brian G. Widenhouse, offers male plastic surgeon for men who live in Charleston, Daniel Island, Mount Pleasant, Summerville and the surrounding communities in South Carolina.

What is Male Plastic Surgery?

Millions of people around the world undergo plastic surgery every day, and the techniques used have been greatly improved over the past few decades. Only recently, though, have surgeons, such as Dr. Widenhouse, begun to develop techniques that meet the specific needs of men’s faces and bodies. The goal of the procedures is to make aesthetic improvements while maintaining a masculine form.

Male plastic surgery offered by Port City Plastic Surgery include:

Benefits of Male Plastic Surgery

Working with Dr. Widenhouse for your male plastic surgery ensures that your treatment plan is designed to enhance your appearance is a way that is more appropriate for the masculine character of a man’s face and body.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Male Plastic Surgery?

The most important consideration for male plastic surgery is to have realistic expectations of the surgery, both in terms of short-term improvement and the longevity of the results. Dr. Widenhouse will explain what you can expect from your male plastic surgery when you meet with him for a consultation.

What Do I Need to Do Before Male Plastic Surgery?

If you are considering male plastic surgery, we invite you to schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation with Dr. Widenhouse. He will recommend the procedures that are best for your personal goals as well as your anatomy and age.

What Should I Expect on the Day of My Male Plastic Surgery?

When you arrive at our practice for your male plastic surgery, we will prepare you for the procedure and explain the surgical plan. We will also ensure that you have someone available to drive you home if you are having surgery.

How Long Does It Take to Perform Male Plastic Surgery?

The time it takes to perform your plastic surgery depends on the procedures. Some procedures, such as Botox® and Dysport take a few minutes. Dermal fillers take less than an hour. The length of surgical procedures vary based on the procedure.

What to Expect After Male Plastic Surgery

Most minimally-invasive procedures have little or no downtime. More invasive surgical procedures require longer recovery periods. We will explain this during your consultation and pre-op appointments.

Will I Have Scars After Getting Male Plastic Surgery?

Some of our male plastic surgery treatments do cause scars while others result in no scarring. Dr. Widenhouse will discuss healing and scarring during the consultation appointment.

When Will I See Results?

When you see results depends on the procedure that is performed. Botox® and dermal fillers produce results in a few days while more extensive procedures require that you wait until any swelling has subsided.

How Long Will the Results of Male Plastic Surgery Last?

No cosmetic procedure produces permanent results. In some cases, such as injectable treatments, the results may help for a few months. Male plastic surgery produces longer results, but you are still prone to gaining weight and aging.

How Much Does Male Plastic Surgery Cost in Charleston?

The cost of your male plastic surgery is based upon the procedures that are included in your treatment plan. We discuss this after your consultation. We accept payment by cash, checks, or personal credit cards. Financing is also available to assist you with covering the costs of your male plastic surgery procedure.

Dr. Brian G. Widenhouse is proud to be one of the few plastic surgeons in the country who specialize in male plastic surgery procedures. Using the most advanced techniques and technologies for male plastic surgery, our team offers surgical and non-surgical procedures for men in Charleston, Summerville, Daniel Island, Mount Pleasant, and the surrounding communities in South Carolina. Contact Port City Plastic Surgery today!


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