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Meet Our Team

April Buckingham

Physician’s Assistant


We are thrilled to announce that Physician’s Assistant and South Carolina native April Buckingham has joined the Port City Plastic Surgery team. Her previous experience is in urgent care and in women’s health.

April is a South Carolina native, originally from Summerville near Port City Plastic Surgery’s offices. She attended the University of South Carolina for undergrad, and did her PA training at the Medical University of SC, graduating with a Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) in August 2006. She attended Fort Dorchester High, is married to a High School teacher and has two young children, a 4 year old son and a ten month old daughter. She loves cooking, especially baking cakes and cookies, and she loves to travel.

“During the year between undergrad and PA school, I worked for Dr. Widenhouse,” says Buckingham. “It was a wonderful experience professionally, and when the opportunity presented itself again I was excited to come work with him. He’s a great boss, is fun to work with, and I love the upbeat office environment at Port City. I also have enormous respect for the care and concern he shows for our patients.”

In a typical day at Port City, April spends time assisting Dr. Widenhouse in surgery. She meets with patients in the office, including post-op visits, patient teaching and routine follow up after surgery. She spends time administering facial fillers and Dysport. After hours, she is on call to help patients who have questions.

“Patient education is a big part of my typical day,” says April. “After Dr. Widenhouse does the initial patient consult, I work with patients to make sure they understand the procedure.” Topics covered usually include what to do to prepare, post-op care, and what to expect when they go home.

Buckingham notes that the most rewarding parts of her job include helping people accomplish their goals, and making a difference in patients’ lives through plastic surgery. “Helping people who are having breast reconstruction, recovering from facial trauma, having surgery after weight loss or working towards accomplishing personal goals is especially meaningful to me,” says April. “Giving these patients the opportunity to move forward with their lives makes everything we do at Port City worthwhile.”

Beverly Barnes


Monique Robinson


Monique is a former northerner now calling Summerville home. She is immensely happy and proud to be a part of the Port City Plastic Surgery team. Over the past 20 plus years she has honed her surgical skills with experience in trauma, neurology, orthopedics, general and vascular surgery among other specialties. She has now found an absolute love for plastic and reconstructive surgery. With her expertise in sterile technique and operating room procedures, she has a passion for providing quality patient care and support.

Mark Segal



We are proud to have one of South Carolina’s top anesthesiologists, Dr. Mark Segal on our Port City Plastic Surgery team here in Charleston. With nearly 30 years of experience, he helps our patients stay comfortable and safe during their plastic surgery procedure.

Originally from Arizona, Dr. Segal made Charleston his home in the 1996 and has lived here ever since. He received his anesthesiology training at Harvard Medical School, and held academic teaching appointments at UCLA and Tulane. His kids are now in college, but attended Sullivan’s Island Elementary and loved growing up in Isle of Palms. An avid biker and foodie, Dr. Segal also loves his beach time. “After growing up in the desert and now living near the water,” he says, “I can wholeheartedly say, water is better.” One of his favorite water-based hobbies is scuba diving.

At work, Dr. Segal uses in-office anesthesia to help make Port City Plastic Surgery patients more comfortable and safe. “Today’s IV technology means a lot less post-operative nausea, something that’s very important to patients,” he says. “At Port City Plastic Surgery, we do all-intravenous anesthesia. We don’t use anesthetic gases, so it’s a much cleaner process. Our patients wake up more quickly, are more aware and less groggy, with very little to no post-operative nausea. It makes the whole experience so much better for them.”

On Our Fully Accredited Surgery Center in Charleston, SC

Some patients worry about the safety of intravenous-only sedation. “The patient monitoring we do in our operating room is the exact same monitoring as in a standard hospital setting,” says Dr. Segal. “I still work in traditional hospital operating rooms, but have focused primarily on office-based surgery for the last 15 years. I personally have done over 7,000 cases in an office setting. Dr. Widenhouse was one of the first in the area to have his own fully accredited surgery center, outside a hospital. As a trailblazer in office-based surgery in Charleston, he has his monitoring and sterilization procedures down pat, and the best and most modern equipment and technology. He’s also been doing this a long time. Together, Dr. Widenhouse and I have done over thousands of surgeries. You can bet that kind of experience matters to all of our patients.”

“With IV anesthesia, my patients wake up comfortably. There are no breathing tubes, and no inhalants. Patients breathe on their own and wake up comfortably without nausea.”

On Working With Dr. Widenhouse

“Dr. Widenhouse is a very talented surgeon, a knowledgeable and compasionate doctor and a true gentleman. His patients love him,” says Dr. Segal. “He’s a stand-up guy and I enjoy working with him. He works hard to give every patient a great experience.”

Dr. Segal also had nice things to say about the setting at Port City Plastic Surgery.

“The Port City Plastic Surgery offices are pleasant and state-of-the-art, with gorgeous views. This gives each patient a more relaxed experience without the stress and impersonal nature of a hospital. It’s private, relaxed and friendly, which is a great anxiety-reliever for someone heading into surgery.”

If you are interested in a comfortable, relaxed plastic surgery experience in our state-of-the-art facilities, and in working with Dr. Segal as your anesthesiologist, please call or email us at Port City Plastic Surgery in Charleston, South Carolina today to schedule an appointment.

Jonathan Gardner

Laser Technician


We are pleased to have one of South Carolina’s best laser technicians, Jonathan Gardner, performing laser tattoo removal here in Charleston as part of the Port City Plastic Surgery team. His nearly two decades performing laser treatments with various types and brands of laser has given him the experience and know-how necessary to consistently give our Charleston, SC patients the results they are seeking.

Jonathan is a South Carolina native, got his B.A. at Elon University and still calls South Carolina home. He has two boys ages 6 and 11, and his wife owns a dance studio. In his free time, when he’s not cheering on his boys from the sidelines of a basketball court or football field, he’s helping his wife with her business. “We are definitely a busy, active household,” says Jonathan.

At work, Jonathan uses various lasers to treat patients with rosacea and hyperpigmentation, or brown spots from the sun. “Folks in the Charleston area love the outdoors and the beach, and spend a lot of time in the sun,” says Gardner. “Unfortunately, this can take a toll on the skin. Laser is a great way to give the skin a more youthful texture and look.”

On Laser Tattoo Removal in Charleston, SC

The majority of Gardner’s time is spent performing laser tattoo removal. “Removing a tattoo completely can take multiple visits,” he says, “so I do get to know these patients pretty well. It’s great to have that ongoing relationship and conversations with someone, and rewarding to help them get to their final result. That’s what it’s all about.”

On Laser Procedures at Port City Plastic Surgery

Laser Technician in Charleston, SC

“During my time at Port City Plastic Sugery, I’ve been focused on perfecting my craft, exercising the utmost safety, and working with integrity. I strive to build relationships and always work to get the best results for our patients.” Fifteen of Jonathan’s 17 years in laser have been with Dr. Widenhouse.  “The mutual respect Dr. Widenhouse and I have for one another and his confidence in my abilities is one of the best parts of my job,” says Gardner.

“Port City is a friendly place with an emphasis on helping patients achieve their goals. At Port City Plastic Surgery, we’re real with our patients about what they can expect. Our goal is to always lead patients down a treatment path that makes sense for them, and will give them the best possible result. I look forward to performing laser tattoo removal at Port City Plastic Surgery in Charleston SC for many years to come.”

Learn more about laser tattoo removal on our Laser Tattoo Removal page, where you can also watch Jonathan in action performing laser tattoo removal.

If you would like to have your tattoo evaluated for removal, please call or email plastic surgeon Dr. Brian G. Widenhouse in Charleston, South Carolina today to schedule an appointment.

Jordan Hollingsworth

Registered Nurse


Jordan is our Registered Nurse and the newest member of our team! She graduated from Clemson University in 2019 and received her BSN. Her career began in the Emergency Department in Greenville, SC during COVID-19 and then she moved back home to Charleston and worked in Labor & Delivery at MUSC until the beginning of 2023. She is a Mount Pleasant native and loves going on the boat, going to the beach and hanging out with her Fiancé and golden retriever, Lila.

Jordan began her career at Port City Plastic Surgery in February of 2023. She does clinic days with Dr. Widenhouse for new and follow-up patients, works in the Operating Room on surgery days, and has found a passion in aesthetics. She loves doing injectables, microneedling, and skin care. Making people feel their best and getting to know patients has been her favorite part of the job.


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