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All About “Gummy Bear” Breast Implants

Breast Implants in Charleston, SC

“Gummy bear” breast implants is the popular name for the newest generation of breast implants. Also known as gel, memory gel or cohesive implants, these implants are the most natural-looking and feeling implants on the market for breast augmentation surgery.

In our blog post Silicone vs. Saline, we discussed the difference between these two types of breast implants. Both can feel real, but most women agree: silicone feels more like a natural breast. Today’s new generation of breast implants mean you don’t have to sacrifice safety for a natural looking and feeling result. Gummy bear implants are unsurpassed in safety, and most patients experience fewer complications with this type of silicone breast implant. Like a gummy bear, they are a single form, soft yet uniform. In the event of a rupture, the silicone remains intact and will not “leak” into the patient’s body. Gummy bear implants come in a variety of shapes, so they can be tailored to fit your body.

At Port City Plastic Surgery, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Brian Widenhouse uses gummy bear breast implants in the majority of our breast augmentation surgeries.

Learn more on our Meet Dr. Widenhouse page or see gummy bear breast implant photos for yourself in our Before and After Photo Gallery.

Read more about breast implant surgery at Port City Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC:

If you feel your breasts have lost shape or volume with time, after having children, or as part of the aging process, breast augmentation can help you regain a more youthful shape. If your breasts have always been small, breast enhancement surgery can help you achieve the curves you want.

Dr. Widenhouse will work with you to evaluate your body type and breast enhancement surgery goals to help you create the look you want. His years of experience with the art and science of breast augmentation surgery – plus his hundreds of happy patients – inform his ability to help you make the best choice. If you are considering gummy bear breast implants, Contact Us today to schedule your consultation.

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