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April’s Breast Reconstruction Surgery Testimonial

A patient of ours had a breast reconstruction surgery and had these things to say. We appreciate our patients and their feedback. 

April: …Sure.

Interviewer: … please just answer naturally.

April: Okay.

Interviewer: Okay. So when did you first start to consider this portion of your breast reconstruction?

Breast Reconstruction in Charleston, SCApril: I was considering it for about a year. I had four horrible, pretty much botched surgeries from breast cancer. So I had a double mastectomy and I had four surgeries in Atlanta that, I’m telling you, it was a nightmare. Like, my friends were almost joking about me being on “Botched” because one breast would be, like, two sizes bigger than the other and…

Interviewer: …Oh, geeze.

April: Horrible. More than you wanna hear about. Then a teardrop turned the wrong way. I mean, it was pretty much close to a nightmare. Like, very bad, botched surgeries.

Interviewer: How did you choose Port City Plastic Surgery and Dr. Widenhouse?

April: I had a referral from a friend who had had a mastectomy and so she showed me and it did not look like mastectomy reconstruction. They were like, gorgeous, beautiful breasts. So I was really, really excited about that.

Interviewer: Great. And how was the procedure itself?

April: It was so easy. I felt so comfortable and I was so happy that he actually did what I asked for. There was a certain size that I even wanted to be and I never got to that size and he did what I asked. And it wasn’t even painful. Like…

Interviewer: …Right.

April: …very easy.

Interviewer: Great. How was the attention and the follow-up from Dr. Widenhouse and his staff?

April: Fantastic. The follow-up was amazing. I had lots of calls. And then, any time that I would call with a question, they would say, “Look, don’t hesitate to call back again.” Just the entire staff was amazing.

Interviewer: Great. And was there any staff member who really shined?

April: Wow. Everybody. I love everybody. But his P.A., April, was absolutely great. Just everyone was friendly, helpful, and thorough. I love the whole staff.

Interviewer: Great. What advice would you give others considering breast reconstruction?

April: To do it and don’t ever think it. You know, life is short and if there’s something you wanna change, then just go ahead do it, ya know. It’s really not that big of a deal.

Interviewer: Thank you. And what was the best thing about your surgery experience?

April: Wow. The best thing is he fixed me. So, you know, I’ve always been a very self-confident person, but prior to the double mastectomy, I had very beautiful implants. And when you go from that to nothing and then them being botched, it’s just…it’s really helped my self-confidence again. That and my breasts look amazing and I even get compliments on them.

Interviewer: Aww. Thank you, April.

April: Thank you.

Interviewer: We really appreciate it.

April: Thanks.


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