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Augmented Look vs. Natural Look in Breast Augmentation


Breast Augmentation in Charleston, SCBreast augmentation is perhaps the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure, but fascinatingly, patients who receive this procedure can have vastly different results. The results from breast augmentation can be easily separated into two categories: those that produce an augmented look and those that produce a natural look. These results aren’t by chance, either – there are direct elements of the breast augmentation surgery that determine whether your results look natural or “augmented”. Below, we’ll describe these elements to help you understand how you can achieve your desired results with breast augmentation.

Breast Implant Type

The first thing to consider is the type of breast implant used for breast augmentation. There are two primary breast implant types: saline and silicone. Furthermore, each of these breast implant types come in different shapes and sizes. Generally, silicone implants offer a more natural look because they more closely resemble the look and feel of natural breast tissue. In order to produce results that look as natural as possible, the breast implants must also be appropriately sized for the proportions of the body, and should have a shape that reflects the patient’s natural breast shape (teardrop-shaped vs round).

Breast Implant Placement

Once the implant is chosen, the placement of the breast implant must also be considered. There are two techniques for placing breast implants. The first involves placing the implant beneath the muscles in the chest. This process actually alters the chest muscles, and affects how the breasts hang on the chest. With submuscular placement, the breasts tend to separate towards the outside of the chest, which may produce a more augmented appearance. The second technique is placing the breast implant above the chest muscles. This leaves the chest muscles unaffected, and allows the breast implants to hang more naturally on the chest, creating a more natural appearance and cleavage that many patients desire.

Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Lastly, you cannot overlook the importance of your breast augmentation surgeon. Your surgeon is directly responsible for the results that you achieve, and a more experienced surgeon will likely be able to deliver more natural-looking results. Or, if you prefer the augmented look over the natural look, then an experienced surgeon will be able to deliver that, as well. Above all, finding an experienced and trustworthy plastic surgeon is one of the most important components for a breast augmentation surgery. If you are considering breast augmentation, contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Widenhouse of Port City Plastic Surgery. During your consultation, you can discuss your treatment in order to determine the breast augmentation technique that will help you achieve your cosmetic goals.



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