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Breast Augmentation Testimonial: “Dr. Widenhouse made me perfect.”

Breast Augmentation in Charleston, SCI had my breast augmentation done just shy of a year ago and I am so pleased! My husband and I visited 3 doctors (2 near where we live) and Dr. Widenhouse was one of the only doctors that took the time to personally meet with us and answer our questions. The other doctors showed us a video and the nurse spoke to us for the majority of our visits.

Upon arriving to his office, I felt very welcomed and was so surprised at how friendly and professional his staff was. At first, you can assume that they probably put on a friendly face in hopes of gaining new patients, but every time I visited the office, I always left with a smile and happy with my decision to go with him.

This was my first surgery, so I was very, very nervous on the BIG day. So much so that I stopped cold in my tracks once I saw the operating table and wanted to go back home. But the sweet, sweet nurse took my hand and calmed me down. The anesthesiologist calmed my nerves as well by talking things through and letting me know that what I was experiencing was completely normal, but that I was in the best hands. I honestly will never forget how comfortable they both made me feel as I was terrified with tears rolling down my face wondering why I was so vain.

The care I received was unmatched and would do again in a heartbeat. I think it’s natural that people are unsure of size and type of augmentation to get. I didn’t know even up until the day of the surgery! My only request was that I didn’t look like a stripper (I’m a wife and a mom of 3…it was hard enough explaining why I decided to do this to my then 14 year-old son) and wanted to look natural (I was less than an A). Dr. Widenhouse made me perfect. Even when I tell my friends after they have seen me in the bathing suit for the first time since the BIG day, they are amazed at how natural they look and want to know who did them.

I also want to add that we live 2 hours away from his office. Worth. The. Drive.

I would recommend Dr. Widenhouse to anyone and already have to my friends. I brag about my experience and even offer to go with them if they decide to because of the care and attention I received.

So … now that I realize how long I’ve gone on for this review, I do hope this helps others make a decision, or at least go and visit Dr. Widenhouse and his staff for a consultation. -NM Bluffton, SC


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