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Breast Implants: Cost, Problems, Recovery

Breast Implants in Charleston, SCIf you’re considering breast augmentation, it’s time to start thinking about your breast implant options. The type of implants you select will directly affect many facets of your treatment, including the cost, results, recovery and any problems you may encounter with your implants in the future. Below, we’ll take a look at what you can expect from various implant types so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Breast Implant Cost

The cost of breast implants via breast augmentation will vary depending on the size of your implants and the surgical approach. Generally, a more tedious surgery will be associated with a higher treatment cost. The types of implants available, saline and silicone, share a similar price range, which start around $4,200. However, silicone implants are typically slightly more expensive than saline implants of the same size. Expect to pay a few hundred or a few thousand dollars more for silicone implants, and higher prices with larger implants.

Common Breast Implant Problems

Breast augmentation has advanced a lot in recent years, but you still may encounter some problems with your breast implants in the future. One of the main issues with breast implants is the possibility of a rupture. With saline implants, your body will safely absorb the saline solution inside, and you’ll notice as your breast size gradually decreases. Silicone implants will not be absorbed, they may harden. The risk with silicone implants is that you may not know your implant is ruptured, which can lead to health risks in the future. Other issues with breast implants include asymmetry and rippling, but these are mostly cosmetic issues that experienced surgeons can help you avoid.

Breast Implant Recovery

The recovery period following your breast implant procedure is almost as important as the surgery itself. You can expect to wear a surgical bra for several weeks, which helps reduce swelling and ensure the tissue heals in an optimal position. Due to the physical toll of surgery, patients are encouraged to take at least a few days off of all activities. Resting is necessary during the first few days. Most patients can then gradually return to their usual activities. However, any kind of heavy lifting or strenuous activity should be avoided for a full six weeks following treatment.

Are Breast Implants Right for Me?

To learn more about breast implants or to discuss your individual needs, contact us today to schedule your consultation at Port City Plastic Surgery. We offer breast implants and other breast enhancement treatments to the residents of Daniel Island, Charleston, Summerville and the nearby areas of South Carolina.

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