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Lip Augmentation Guide

Lip Augmentation in Charleston, SCLip enhancement, or lip augmentation, is the easiest solution to achieving lips that are plump, shapely and attractive. One of the many benefits of lip augmentation treatment is that there are  a handful of treatment options available. This makes it possible for patients to achieve specific qualities in the lips that may be otherwise difficult to obtain. Below, we’ll explore the options for lip augmentation to assist you in your treatment decisions.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers may be the most popular treatment option when it comes to lip augmentation, and this is because the treatment is so simple to perform. Dermal fillers involve the injection of a specialized gel formula into the lips. They produce instant results – you’ll notice improvements before you even leave your appointment. Plus, there is no downtime and any side effects are quite minor and short-lived. One downside to these treatments, though, is that most dermal fillers only last about one year before they dissolve. Fortunately, your results can be easily maintained with repeated treatment sessions.

Fat Injections

Fat injections are a more natural alternative to dermal fillers. The difference is that instead of injecting artificial gels into the lips, fat injections involve the injection of your own body fat. This treatment begins with collecting fat from the body via liposuction, often in an area of the body like the stomach or legs. Once collected, the fat is purified and carefully injected into the lips to produce the desired results. The advantage of choosing fat injections over dermal fillers, however, is that fat injections produce permanent results.

Lip Implants

The last option for lip enhancement is lip implants. Lip implants also offer some distinct benefits, such as instant and even permanent results. Although this is a minor surgical procedure, since it is performed in the lips, any incisions are concealed within the mouth, resulting in no visible scarring whatsoever. The recovery process is also very brief after this procedure, with most patients only requiring a few days of downtime. One important consideration when it comes to lip implants, though, is that it may not be an ideal solution for all patients, such as those who want to remove fine lines in and around the lips.

Which Lip Augmentation Treatment is Right for Me?

If you are considering lip augmentation, contact us today to schedule your consultation at Port City Plastic Surgery. We can discuss your cosmetic goals to determine which of these lip enhancement techniques are best for you.


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