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Is Liposuction Worth It? Debunking Myths About Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures


Liposuction has been deemed almost a miracle fat-loss surgery but what are the risks? I will lay out the risks and rewards of liposuction for you to find out if this procedure may be right for you.


Myth #1: Liposuction is Designed for Weight Loss

One of the more prevalent myths about liposuction is that it can be used as a weight loss tool. If you are trying to lose weight, a liposuction procedure is not the procedure for you. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the surgery is best suited for people who are within 30 percent of the range of their desired weight. Liposuction is best thought of as a body contouring procedure that removes unwanted fat from specific areas of the body. It removes extra fat cells that won’t go away with diet or exercise.

Myth #2: Liposuction Isn’t a Surgical Procedure

Another persistent myth about liposuction procedures is that it isn’t surgical. Non-surgical fat removal treatments are available, such as CoolSculpting, but liposuction surgery isn’t one of them.

If you choose to undergo liposuction, you will receive either general anesthesia or heavy sedation. It typically takes up to a year for final results to be appear as swelling resolves, and you’ll need about a week before you can get back to your daily activities. Usually, you’ll be able to participate in strenuous activities, such as exercise, after four weeks. You should make follow-up appointments with your surgeon to make sure that your recovery is going well.

Myth #3: Men Don’t Get Liposuction

Liposuction was the fourth most popular cosmetic procedure in 2013. While some people think that only women are candidates for the surgery, it has long been one of the more popular procedures with men.

The areas that are commonly treated by liposuction are usually different for men and women. While women most often want to remove fat from their thighs and hips, men commonly focus on the stomach area, such as the love handles, and even the area under the chin.

Will You Gain Your Weight Back?

Although a liposuction procedure removes fat cells from a specific area, it doesn’t mean the remaining fat cells won’t experience weight gain. Liposuction needs some work on your part for the full effects to last. There needs to be a change in diet and exercise if you would like the results of liposuction to be long lasting. If you are concerned you may gain weight after your procedure, you can discuss healthy diet and exercise options with your doctor. Making a commitment to maintaining your current diet and exercise habits will help your results.

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