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Our Aesthetician Shares Her Skincare Routine

Skin Care Products in Charleston, SCFew people know their way around skincare more than aestheticians. Aestheticians spend the vast majority of their time focusing on the faces of their incredibly varied client base. This means that they’ve seen it all: acne, rosacea, scarring, and hyperpigmentation. Whatever it is your skin is dealing with, there’s a good chance that your aesthetician has not only seen it before, but they probably have their own way of combating it.

It almost goes without saying that if a person is so familiar with the different types of treatments, that their own skin routine must be the best of the best. Well, we asked our own resident aesthetician to divulge her daily skin regimen, and thankfully, she agreed.  Read on to discover her daily skin care secrets.


The goal in the morning is to refresh and awaken. It is not necessary to barrage your skin with treatments or to use too much product. Your morning regimen should be simple and to the point.

  • Facial Massage: If you have one, a quartz or jade roller fresh from the fridge can really get the blood flowing and reduce swelling. If you don’t have a roller, a lymphatic massage will do the trick. The goal is to wake up the face, drain toxins, and ultimately reduce puffiness.
  • Cold Water Rinse: Next, rinse your face with cold water. Warm or tepid will not do; the water must be cold in order to refresh your complexion. There’s no need to use a cleanser in the morning, as too much cleansing will dry out your skin. Moisture is your friend.
  • Moisturize: Speaking of moisture, now is the time to apply your chosen moisturizer. Your face moisturizer should be light and fresh and should include sun protection.
  • Sun Protection: This bears repeating: do not leave the house without SPF on your face. This is the #1 most important thing you can do to care for your skin. Carry a small tube with you for reapplication throughout the day.


The nighttime is all about cleansing and calming your skin after a hectic day out in the world. This is when you should focus on removing the day’s impurities and preparing the skin to revitalize while you sleep.

  • Remove Makeup: The first step you should take in your nighttime skin routine is to remove all the makeup you were wearing during the day. Makeup may make us feel more confident when we are out in the world, but it doesn’t help your skin to breathe.
  • Cleanse: Now is the time to break out your gentle face cleanser. Rid your skin of any impurities it may have gathered throughout the day.
  • Indulge: If your skin is feeling more taxed than usual, now is the time to indulge in a mask or a mud treatment. This is not recommended every day, but for those special days when your face needs a little boost.
  • Moisturize: Once your face is clean and calm, it is time to lock in the moisture. If you choose, you could start with a concentrated serum to do some of the extra work. Once you’ve applied any serums you might need, finish off with a light moisturizer and now you and your face are ready for bed.

These tips should be enough to get you started on the road to a healthy, happy, and youthful face. If you feel like you need an extra boost, pay a visit to our medical spa where our aesthetician will be more than happy to share her expertise with you in person.

To find out if a visit to our medical spa is right for you, contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation. Port City Plastic Surgery serves Charleston, Daniel Island, Mount Pleasant and Summerville, South Carolina from two locations in Charleston and Daniel Island.


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