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Our Anesthesiologist Dr. Mark Segal on Working at Port City Plastic Surgery

We are proud to have one of South Carolina’s top anesthesiologists, Dr. Mark Segal on our Port City Plastic Surgery team here in Charleston. With nearly 30 years of experience, he helps our patients stay comfortable and safe during their plastic surgery procedure.

Plastic Surgeon in Charleston, SCOriginally from Arizona, Dr. Segal made Charleston his home in the 1996 and has lived here ever since. He received his anesthesiology training at Harvard Medical School, and held academic teaching appointments at UCLA and Tulane. His kids are now in college, but attended Sullivan’s Island Elementary and loved growing up in Isle of Palms. An avid biker and foodie, Dr. Segal also loves his beach time. “After growing up in the desert and now living near the water,” he says, “I can wholeheartedly say, water is better.” One of his favorite water-based hobbies is scuba diving.

At work, Dr. Segal uses in-office anesthesia to help make Port City Plastic Surgery patients more comfortable and safe. “Today’s IV technology means a lot less post-operative nausea, something that’s very important to patients,” he says. “At Port City Plastic Surgery, we do all-intravenous anesthesia. We don’t use anesthetic gases, so it’s a much cleaner process. Our patients wake up more quickly, are more aware and less groggy, with very little to no post-operative nausea. It makes the whole experience so much better for them.”

Our Fully Accredited Surgery Center in Charleston, SC

Some patients worry about the safety of intravenous-only sedation. “The patient monitoring we do in our operating room is the exact same monitoring as in a standard hospital setting,” says Dr. Segal. “I still work in traditional hospital operating rooms, but have focused primarily on office-based surgery for the last 15 years. I personally have done over 7,000 cases in an office setting. Dr. Widenhouse was one of the first in the area to have his own fully accredited surgery center, outside a hospital. As a trailblazer in office-based surgery in Charleston, he has his monitoring and sterilization procedures down pat, and the best and most modern equipment and technology. He’s also been doing this a long time. Together, Dr. Widenhouse and I have done over thousands of surgeries. You can bet that kind of experience matters to all of our patients.”

“With IV anesthesia, my patients wake up comfortably. There are no breathing tubes, and no inhalants. Patients breathe on their own and wake up comfortably without nausea.”

On Working With Dr. Widenhouse

“Dr. Widenhouse is a very talented surgeon, a knowledgeable and compasionate doctor and a true gentleman. His patients love him,” says Dr. Segal. “He’s a stand-up guy and I enjoy working with him. He works hard to give every patient a great experience.”

Dr. Segal also had nice things to say about the setting at Port City Plastic Surgery.

“The Port City Plastic Surgery offices are pleasant and state-of-the-art, with gorgeous views. This gives each patient a more relaxed experience without the stress and impersonal nature of a hospital. It’s private, relaxed and friendly, which is a great anxiety-reliever for someone heading into surgery.”

If you are interested in a comfortable, relaxed plastic surgery experience in our state-of-the-art facilities, and in working with Dr. Segal as your anesthesiologist, please call or email us at Port City Plastic Surgery in Charleston, South Carolina today to schedule an appointment.


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