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Our laser tech Jonathan Gardner on laser tattoo removal in Charleston SC


Plastic Surgeon in Charleston, SCWe are pleased to have one of South Carolina’s best laser technicians, Jonathan Gardner, performing laser tattoo removal here in Charleston as part of the Port City Plastic Surgery team. His nearly two decades performing laser treatments with various types and brands of laser has given him the experience and know-how necessary to consistently give our Charleston, SC patients the results they are seeking.

Jonathan is a South Carolina native, got his B.A. at Elon University and still calls South Carolina home. He has two boys ages 6 and 11, and his wife owns a dance studio. In his free time, when he’s not cheering on his boys from the sidelines of a basketball court or football field, he’s helping his wife with her business. “We are definitely a busy, active household,” says Jonathan.

At work, Jonathan uses various lasers to treat patients with rosacea and hyperpigmentation, or brown spots from the sun. “Folks in the Charleston area love the outdoors and the beach, and spend a lot of time in the sun,” says Gardner. “Unfortunately, this can take a toll on the skin. Laser is a great way to give the skin a more youthful texture and look.”

Laser Tattoo Removal in Charleston, SC

The majority of Gardner’s time is spent performing laser tattoo removal. “Removing a tattoo completely can take multiple visits,” he says, “so I do get to know these patients pretty well. It’s great to have that ongoing relationship and conversations with someone, and rewarding to help them get to their final result. That’s what it’s all about.”

Laser Procedures at Port City Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon in Charleston, SC“During my time at Port City Plastic Sugery, I’ve been focused on perfecting my craft, exercising the utmost safety, and working with integrity. I strive to build relationships and always work to get the best results for our patients.” Fifteen of Jonathan’s 17 years in laser have been with Dr. Widenhouse. “The mutual respect Dr. Widenhouse and I have for one another and his confidence in my abilities is one of the best parts of my job,” says Gardner.

“Port City is a friendly place with an emphasis on helping patients achieve their goals. At Port City Plastic Surgery, we’re real with our patients about what they can expect. Our goal is to always lead patients down a treatment path that makes sense for them, and will give them the best possible result. I look forward to performing laser tattoo removal at Port City Plastic Surgery in Charleston SC for many years to come.”

Learn more about laser tattoo removal on our Laser Tattoo Removal page, where you can also watch Jonathan in action performing laser tattoo removal.

If you would like to have your tattoo evaluated for removal, please call or email plastic surgeon Dr. Brian G. Widenhouse in Charleston, South Carolina today to schedule an appointment.


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