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Product Review: Nuvesse Skin Therapy Serum No. 5

Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC

Nuvesse MD recently announced positive data showing that their serum technology calms, cools and hydrates more effectively after aesthetic medical skin treatments. Nuvesse has created an amazing product line designed to facilitate the passage of beneficial skin care serums through the tough outermost layer of your skin into the epidermis, the source of many skin care concerns.

Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC

We recently had our friend Amanda put Nuvesse Serum No. 5 Hydrating Mask to the test. Serum No. 5 is clinically proven to accelerate the skin’s natural healing process for a smoother, hydrated, more youthful-looking appearance. Each mask is made from biocellulose, a material naturally derived from coconuts, and helps alleviate dryness, sunburn, sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles. It’s the perfect masque as we enter the summer season!

Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC“To help maintain the effects of some chemical peels I’ve had recently, I was using a lot of retinol creams,” says Amanda. “The skin on my face was tight and dry, with patchy red areas. I was going out and was hoping the masque would make me look and feel a little bit better.”*

Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC

“When I put it on, the masque immediately felt great on my face, not a tight sensation like your typical cleansing masque. It had a citrusy odor and really felt cool and calming to the skin.”*

“When you first put it on, there’s a blue paper-like guard that you remove after the first 5 minutes. You then leave the masque on your face for 45 minutes. During this time, I felt a slight tingling. My kids were a little freaked out when I came into the kitchen to make dinner looking like this!”*

“When done, you simply take off the masque; you don’t rinse so the serum can continue to work.”*

Amanda talks about the after: “My skin was very hydrated, smooth and supple! It may not be visible in my pictures but I was less red and irritated, and I even noticed that some of my fine lines disappeared as well.”*

Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC“My makeup went on more smoothly than usual and I noticed zero clumping up while I was out that evening.”*

“Also – true confession – I couldn’t stop looking in the rearview mirror at myself on the drive over to my friend’s house!”*

“I love this masque and highly recommend it, get your hands on one today!”*

You too can try our best selling product line for less this June! Get your choice of one month’s supply of Nuvesse MD Kits for just $99 during the month of June and treat yourself:

  • Face (Serum No. 7): Skin Firming & Anti-Aging. Includes 4 Face Serum Masks plus Daily Roller.
  • Eyes (Serum No. 23): Tired, Puffy & Dark Circles. 8 Eye Serum Masks plus Daily Roller.

Create a spa environment at home this summer. You will absolutely love these products!

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