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Tattoo Removal & the Military

Tattoo Removal in Charleston, SCPort City Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC is offering a 10% discount to all military personnel for laser tattoo removal.

In a world of changing regulations, soldiers may need options to revise a tattoo, fade a tattoo or remove a tattoo altogether. Laser tattoo removal offers a way to get rid of or alter your tattoo without leaving a scar behind.

If you need laser tattoo removal due to changing military tattoo policy, come in for a free consultation.

Those whose life plans change, whose tattoos were not documented or who want to re-enlist now have options.

At Port City Plastic Surgery, we use the VersaPulse laser for tattoo removal. It emits several different colors of light, which allow us to treat multicolored tattoos. Even a single-color tattoo generally requires at least two sessions to remove.

Once completed, laser tattoo removal treatment results in tattoo removal with no incisions and no scars. It is not always possible to remove every trace of a tattoo, but we can work with you to revise, change or fade the tattoo to something that is acceptable and meets the new Army regulations.

We offer laser tattoo removal at our fully accredited surgery center at 2683 Lake Park Drive in North Charleston, SC. Military personnel located in or near Fort Jackson, Charleston, Beaufort, Parris Island, McEntire, Goose Creek and Shaw have found our office to be a comfortable, private and tranquil destination.

Background: Military Regulations on Tattoos
In March of 2014, the U.S. Army updated its regulations on tattoos. Tattoos on arms and legs visible on a soldier wearing short sleeves and short pants are now restricted in size, with each visible tattoo no bigger than the wearer’s open hand. The Army is allowing soldiers to keep tattoos they had before the effective date of the new rules, as long as they are documented with a photograph before the deadline.

Prior to World War I, U.S. military authorities prohibited “indecent or obscene” tattoos, and today all four main military branches prohibit tattoos around the neck. No person with a tattoo “sleeve” (a fully tattooed arm) can become a Marine, and the armed forces prohibit tattoos containing obscenity, racism or extremism.The Navy updated its tattoo policies in 2003, 2006, and 2010, including an allowance for permanent makeup tattoos, including for eyebrows, eyeliner, lipstick and lip liner, “in good taste.” The Marines tightened their personal grooming and appearance regulations in 2010, the Air Force in 2012.

What color tattoo is the most difficult to remove? How quickly can my treatments proceed? Why should I never use over-the-counter tattoo fade cream? These questions and more answered in our Tattoo Removal Myth-Busting post.

If you have a tattoo that you no longer want, please contact Dr. Brian G. Widenhouse at 843-518-5000 to schedule a consultation. We will evaluate your tattoo, you can learn more about the expected cost to remove your tattoo, and how long it may take to remove.

From one of our many delighted patients: “Highly recommend the tattoo removal service. After the first treatment I could see a significant fade in color. My tattoo has purple, yellow, pink, blue, brown, and black. The second treatment went just as great. It hurt less than the first treatment. I’m excited to see the results. Staff is outstanding!” -KW, Hanahan, SC


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