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*Q&A with a Patient: Misty Poston, Post-Gastric Sleeve Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC

It was our privilege to share in busy Mom Misty’s transformation! After achieving her weight loss goals, she came to us for plastic surgery to help with areas that did not respond to diet and exercise. We are so pleased that she now feels more confident and strong. Read our interview with her below to learn more about her journey.

PCPS: When did you first start considering a procedure?

Misty: In May of 2012 I had a gastric sleeve procedure and Ilost 128 pounds. As a result, my body looked drasticallydifferent and I wasn’t completely satisfied with how I looked.After a consultation with Dr. Widenhouse, I decided to have abreast augmentation first because my breasts were sagging verybadly. After I healed, I was very pleased with the results anddecided to discuss other procedures that could help sculpt myfigure.

PCPS: Congratulations on your accomplishment! What was the nextstep in your journey?

Misty: Even with my weight loss, I was still wore size 10 pantsdue to excess skin in my stomach and legs. I decided to have amedial thigh lift and tummy tuck. Both procedures went smoothlyand the results were amazing – I went from a size 10 to a size 6and felt very confident with my new figure!

PCPS: How was the attention/follow-up from the doctor and staffafter surgery?

Misty: The staff of Port City Plastic Surgery was wonderful during thewhole process. I was very nervous on my first consultation asgetting undressed in front of people is very scary especially ifyou have body issues. However, the staff talked to me first,showed me pictures, and made me feel comfortable during theexamination process. On the day of the surgery, theanesthesiologist came and spoke with me before surgery and hewas honest and upfront and said he would take care of me.Everything was easy. I would recommend him taking care of myown children! During my recovery, the nurses and doctor calledhome to check on me to make sure I was doing well. They wereready to provide any additional assistance that I needed.

PCPS: Is there any advice you would give others considering theprocedures you had done?

Misty: Dr. Brian Widenhouse has been so good that I would recommend himto anybody – in fact, I have already recommended him to severalfriends who have had similar procedures and they are all verysatisfied! Dr. Widenhouse is very honest and will not do aprocedure that he feels is unnecessary or that can be handledless invasively. If you are considering a procedure, comeprepared with your questions and he and his staff will surely beable to answer them.

PCPS: What was the best thing about the surgery?

Misty: My surgeries have made me more confident and ready to take onthe world! Thank you Port City Plastic Surgery and Dr. Widenhouse!

March 22, 2017