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This Mother’s Day, Take Some Time For Yourself


Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SCWith Mother’s Day approaching, you may be thinking of asking for (or giving yourself) a gift of plastic surgery.

As a mother, you give so much: your time, your wisdom, countless hours of sleep, sometimes even your career and social life. You do it all for your children, your husband and your family. In return, you get immeasurable joy and fulfillment. But while motherhood is good for your soul, it may be hard on your body.

Perhaps you feel your body has changed after having children, or you have stubborn fat deposits that resist your best efforts in healthy eating and exercise. You would like to look more refreshed, energetic and youthful.

The things a mother does for her family are undeniably beautiful. Shouldn’t she feel beautiful in her own skin? The double-whammy of pregnancy plus aging means breasts may lose their shape, skin can be stretched, and fat may be redeposited. Perhaps your body has changed after having children, or you have stubborn areas that resist your best efforts in healthy eating and exercise. This can leave you feeling frustrated and defeated in your efforts to love and care for the most important person of all: yourself.

Whether you’re a Mom, plan to be one someday or are thinking of your own Mom right now, Port City Plastic Surgery has a Mommy Makeover package that can help. This Mother’s Day, pamper yourself from head to toe. A breast lift or breast augmentation can give back what pregnancy and gravity have taken away, a tummy tuck can repair stretched and damaged muscles, liposuction or CoolSculpting can be used to remove unyielding fat cells. Give yourself restored confidence and bring back that spring in your step for the summer season. Take some time for yourself and emerge refreshed, renewed and with a restored confidence to face the challenges of family life.

Mommy Makeover procedures can include:

Combining procedures into a “Mommy Makeover” can save you time and money, and get you the results you want more quickly. Dr. Brian G. Widenhouse specializes in these procedures, and will work with you to choose the best Mommy Makeover package for you. Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Widenhouse is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, and the South Carolina Medical Association. He has been voted one of the Best Doctors by his peers, is a lifetime member of Strathmore’s Who’s Who, and has been practicing plastic surgery in South Carolina for 15 years.

Sometimes, even Mother Nature needs a little help. Give this Mother’s Day extra meaning, and contact us today to schedule your consultation.

“Mighty is the force of motherhood. It transforms all things by its vital heart.” -George Eliot


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