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Tummy Tuck Patient Finds an Inventive Way to Cover Her Scar

By Denise O’Connell

After having two children, my tummy wasn’t what it used to be. I used to laugh that I could bounce a quarter off my abs. But, after the kids, I had a pouch, stretch marks and a prominent c-section scar. There was no more quarter-bouncing, no matter how much planking, how many crunches or how much jogging I did.

After some soul-searching, I decided that I wanted to feel confident again about my body. I wanted to wear clothes and not care whether they were “slimming” in the right areas. After much soul-searching, I decided to undergo an Abdominoplasty, or Tummy Tuck, with repair of my abdominal muscles that had separated through pregnancy. It was not an easy decision; it would mean some time off of work, and a fairly scar from hip to hip, and of course risks that go with any surgery.

From my cesarean section and other bumps and scrapes I’ve undured over the years, I know I don’t scar well. I have dark skin and my scars are usually red and purple and raised. I only hoped that my scar from my tummy tuck would sit low and below my underwear line. But, even though there would likely be a noticeable scar, I knew the results – and my renewed confidence – would be worth it.

After healing from my abdominoplasty and the swelling went down, I was indeed left with a purple and red raised scar. It sat just at my underwear line. But when swimsuit season approached, I was eager to show off my re-born quarter-bouncing abs in a bikini that was a little skimpier. The only problem with going skimpy was that my tummy tuck scar would be very noticeable.

A quick Google search showed women who were tattooing their scars. But after the procedure, my abdominal area was an uncomfortable mixture of numb and sensitive. In a euphoric haze on my honeymoon, I got a tattoo, and I knew that it hurts! The idea of a tattoo needle going anywhere near my abdominoplasty scar was unsettling. It’s also not possible to tattoo the area until at least about a year post-op and tattoo artists often relay that tattooing over scars is difficult and the results aren’t consistent.  I also read about scar revisions following an abdominoplasty, but knew that I had to wait a period of time for the scar to settle before undergoing a revision. This left me with little recourse for the immediate future.

It was my eight-year old who asked me to put a temporary tattoo on her wrist that got me thinking. What if I could cover the tummy tuck scar with a temporary tattoo? It would be painless, temporary, safe and last long enough for a beach holiday.

And that’s how I came up with TuckTats: Temporary Tattoos that Cover Tummy Tuck Scars. The are on-trend, safe and quick and easy to apply or remove. Best of all, they look like real tattoos without the pain and the permanency. They can also be used for c-section, scars and other abdominal scars.

If you are unhappy with our scar, see a plastic surgeon like Dr. Brian Widenhouse at Port City Plastic Surgery about a scar revision. We have two convenient locations in Charleston and Daniel Island. Scar revisions are normally quick procedures, inexpensive and done under local anesthetic. But, if you are just looking to camouflage your scar temporarily for the beach, pool, workout or even a fun or romantic evening, a temporary tattoo might be what you need.

So, now I can wear anything and show off my quarter-bouncing abs, or wear nothing at all. I feel free and confident, happy and beautiful either way.

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