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Visualizing a New You: Breast Implant Size Simulators & More

Breast Implants in Charleston, SCMost women considering breast enhancement surgery want a clear picture of what they will look like after surgery. Some of our Charleston, SC patients worry they are considering implants that are too large, or too small. Before and after photo galleries of other patients can help, but may not give you the full picture.

As a rule of thumb, the most common implant sizes, whether silicone or saline, are 350-450ccs. But size is just one part of the equation. There are shape choices (anatomical or round) based on frame size, body type, chest wall dimension and more to take into consideration (read our previous blog post on Breast Shape Choices in Breast Augmentation).

We have found that our patients use several different ways to visualize how they will look after breast enhancement surgery. Please read on to learn more about the common misconceptions, advantages and drawbacks of each.

Computer imaging. Today, there are computer programs available that claim to help you visualize your breast augmentation surgery result. These programs usually use photography to create a 3-D, multi-angle image of your body and are supposed to make size and shape selection easier. The problem we have found with computer imaging at Port City Plastic Surgery is that it fails to present the full picture of breast augmentation surgery. Although they use actual photography of the patient herself, typically these computer programs do not take into account the effects of gravity nor do they accurately represent how the breast implant naturally settles into a woman’s body. Due to these factors and more, it is impossible to fully predict a patient’s outcome using any method. The highly visual nature of computer imaging can present an inaccurate picture of the final outcome and reinforce inaccurate expectations, leading to higher rates of dissatisfaction overall.

“Wish pictures.” For many women, the decision to have breast augmentation surgery begins with “wish pictures.” Looking at our Before and After Gallery can give a realistic idea of the results other patients have achieved with Dr.Widenhouse. It’s great to not only have “after” pictures of women with a similar body size and shape, it’s also helpful to compile pictures of what you would NOT like in your breast augmentation. But again, keep in mind that no two women’s bodies could ever be exactly alike. Skin type, muscle tone, frame size and more play a part in how even the exact same breast implants will look on you versus another woman.

Our MENTOR® Volume Sizing System. At Port City Plastic Surgery, we offer what we believe is the most accurate “after” representation available to our patients. Our satisfied clients say that far and away, our sizing system from MENTOR has allowed them to most accurately approximate their “after” picture quickly, simply and easily in the privacy of our offices. Our silicone sizing system is a custom-fit to your unique body size and shape, allows you to approximate the effects of gravity, and can even give you a look at what you might look like in your favorite shirts or a new bra. Of course, no visualization technique can fully predict your final result. Read more about our Mentor Volume Sizing System in our previous blog post.

At Port City Plastic Surgery, we have a variety of techniques available to help you plan for your breast augmentation surgery. Our Charleston clients can get a good sense of how they will look post-surgery through a combination of the techniques above. Best of all, Dr. Widenhouse will work with you to evaluate your body type and breast enhancement surgery goals to help inform the best possible outcome. As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, his years of experience with the art and science of breast augmentation surgery — plus his hundreds of happy patients inform his ability to help you make the best choice.

Remember, no two women are exactly alike, and there are no guarantees of how your breasts will look post surgery. Ninety percent of our patients see their final result within a month, but all breast augmentation surgery patients should allow up to six months for final results. According to Dr. Widenhouse, “the Mentor Volume Sizing System system is great for those considering breast enhancement surgery. It helps create confidence, and patients who use it have a higher level of satisfaction post-surgery.”

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