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Countdown to Bikini Season: Breast Augmentation Size & Proportion

Breast Augmentation in Charleston, SC

Given the popularity and positive outcomes of today’s modern breast augmentation surgery procedure, Port City Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC offers many styles, sizes and shapes of breast implant. Breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Widenhouse can give you either a more natural look, or the ability to really stand out in a crowd. We offer silicone, saline and “gummy bear” breast implants. Read more about your breast implant options here.

A successful aesthetic breast surgery requires a doctor who understands breast size and body proportions: it’s an art and a science! Dr. Brian Widenhouse of Port City Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC has studied, taught and has years of experience performing breast augmentation surgery. He knows how to take a patient’s overall body proportion into consideration.

Many of our breast augmentation patients start out with the desire to balance their upper and lower body. Others want a fuller look on top. Each breast implant patient has their idea of what proportion is best for them. Dr. Widenhouse spends time with each patient during their initial consult considering implant size. This is the most important decision you will make about the surgery – and it will greatly impact your final result.

Some of the questions we will educate you on, and ask you to consider at Port City Plastic Surgery:

  • Will you need a new wardrobe to accommodate the implants?
  • How will the selected size affect your breasts over time?
  • How will potential pregnancy affect your breast implants?

During your consult, your height and weight, shoulder and hip width are all taken into consideration. Our Mentor Volume Sizing System can give you a feel for the size and weight of the implants you are considering.

Once the size of the implant is decided upon, we’ll take a look at how the implant will fit into your chest. Through precise measurements, Dr. Widenhouse helps his patients choose the appropriate contour and profile of their breast implants. We will help you understand whether a round or a teardrop shaped implant will help you achieve the look you’re after.

Your consultation and careful consideration of size and proportion is the first step towards getting the results you desire.

Dr. Widenhouse will work with you to evaluate your body type and breast enhancement surgery goals to help you create the look you want. His years of experience with the art and science of breast augmentation surgery – plus his hundreds of happy patients – inform his ability to help you make the best choice. If you are considering breast implants, Contact Us today to schedule your consultation.

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