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Jump Start Your New Year’s Resolution with Liposuction and SmartLipo

Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SCAt the top of most people’s New Year’s resolution list? Get in better shape!

After battling stubborn body bulges with rigorous exercise and dieting in years past, many of our clients are turning to Port City Plastic Surgery to help jump start their new look this year.

“Liposuction is not a substitute for good diet and exercise,” says Dr. Brian Widenhouse, lead surgeon at Port City Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC. “But it is the ideal treatment for those that have a stubborn area of the body that seem resistant to diet and exercise. These stubborn fat deposits can be discouraging, but there is hope. They are precisely the areas that we can target with liposuction or Smart lipo.”

Liposuction and Smart lipo are ideal for people at or near their normal body weight. “Patient feedback confirms that these procedures can be a powerful incentive to continue with a healthy diet and exercise routine. Rather than continue to fight predisposed bulges year after year with no success, patients are actually able to create a new silhouette,” says Widenhouse. “Our patients see a change virtually overnight. This provides motivation to stay on track with diet and exercise in the new year and beyond.”

Dr. Brian Widenhouse has been performing liposuction since 1998 and was an early adopter of Smart lipo, which he’s performed since 2008. He has extensive experience with body contouring procedures, including liposuction, tummy tucks, breast surgery, and facial cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Widenhouse has been performing laser-assisted “Smartlipo” since 2008, a procedure that minimizes downtime and allows patients to return to normal activities more quickly. The procedure can also actually tighten skin, because it promotes collagen production. For more information on liposuction or Smart lipo, read here.

Now that you’ve made everyone’s holiday wishes come true, take a moment to focus on you. Make 2013 the year you take control and make the changes you want in your life! To learn more about whether you are a candidate for liposuction or Smartlipo, and how Port City Plastic Surgery can help you with New Year’s motivation, call us and set up a complimentary consultation at one of our private, convenient locations today.


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