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Silicone Sizing System: Try it on for size!

Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC

Did you know that you can “test drive” your new silicone implants right here in our offices?

Introducing our new MENTOR® Volume Sizing System, now available at Port City Plastic Surgery.

This innovative, clever and complete system allows you to simulate 24 different post-surgery breast volumes (from 150cc-775cc) in the privacy of our offices! Don’t be among the 50 percent of women who are happy they had breast enhancement surgery, but wish they’d chosen a different size.

Our all-new, custom silicone breast enhancement sizing system will help you imagine your new look.

Many women considering silicone breast enhancement are not sure how they will look after surgery. Others worry they are considering implants that are too large, or too small. Before and after photo galleries of other patients can help, but may not give you the full picture.

Our sizing system allows you to see your “after” picture in the mirror! Our brand new silicone sizing system is a custom-fit to your unique body size and shape.

Here’s the process: just call us and ask for a time to use the sizing system. You’ll then be on our schedule to privately use the room and system for as long as you need. Bring the bra that you’d like to fit into, or a selection of bras and tops. While you’re here, you’ll choose one of the major sizes to place over your breast and into the bra. You can fine-tune your fit, adding smaller pieces until you are satisfied. The system will give you an idea of how much the implants will weigh, and how it will feel to move. You can feel free to play with larger sizes even if you weren’t planning on going big. Or try on something smaller to see how it could change your appearance more than you would expect. Naturally, most women start out with breasts that are not symmetrical. The MENTOR® Volume Sizing System allows you to create a custom fit for each side.

You can bring a friend whose opinion you trust, and we are always happy to work with you to help create your desired result. Take the time to make the right sizing decision. Remove all the guesswork and see the “new you” for yourself!

Dr. Widenhouse says, “this system is great for those considering breast enhancement surgery. It helps create confidence, and patients who use it have a higher level of satisfaction post-surgery.”

Stop by and try it on for size! Schedule your appointment today.


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