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Three Things Your Charleston Plastic Surgeon Wished You Knew


People consider plastic surgery for a variety of reasons. Some crave a different or more youthful appearance, while others need to correct a birth defect or scarring that is the result of an accident. Whatever your reason for seeking out a plastic surgeon, it is important to consider the full extent of your needs. Dr. Widenhouse has three things that he wishes his Mount Pleasant, NC area patients would know before undergoing treatment.

1. Plastic Surgery is Not a Weight Loss Program

Oftentimes, those struggling with obesity have burnt themselves out trying different weight loss methods. It is completely natural to get frustrated and daydream about that quick fix. It is important that patients realize, however, that there is no quick fix to obesity. Yes, we have procedures that will remove stubborn fatty deposits or excess skin, but these will not replace diet and exercise in returning your body to a healthy weight. In fact, those who undergo fat removal procedures without changing their lifestyle will find that what was removed will soon reappear.

2. Diet and Exercise Can Only Do So Much

It can be incredibly disheartening when a person puts the work in to lose weight and get in shape but they are left with saggy skin or stretch marks. It is challenging to be happy with the results of your hard work when you are dealing with these imperfections. Unfortunately, there is no exercise that can diminish these symptoms of rapid weight loss, and a plastic surgeon may be needed to help finish the job.

3. Perfection is Objective

It can be easy to chase the idea of perfection when you enter a plastic surgeon’s office. If there is something you are not happy with, you are right to expect that your doctor be able to fix it. It is important to remember, however, that perfection is an unachievable ideal. Your surgeon is trained to notice small asymmetries and flaws that can be improved, but be sure to work with them to make sure your expectations are lined up with the potential results.

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